lørdag 20. august 2011


Morning All!

(I've have managed to "save" a white background color, behind the letters here, is there anyone who has an advice on how I can remove it!? Have tried in the blog post, but there the color is still here;D)
Just a short post today to announce the 4 winners of my Blog Candy!:)

 Sorry about the delay in posting these winners, but I've sometimes to few hours in my day!:))

As I told you, I've 4 winners of my Blog Hop Candy, and each will recive 5 beautifuul  SWEET PEA STAMPS!♥:)
I put a number on each one of the participants, and those who had links with a photo of my Candy' in their blog ..  they got two numbers, and here are the lucky ones this time:)

The winners are:

  Drummmmmmmmm Rollllllll
So excited for you all..juuhuu!!
Please contact me within 3 days, so I'll have your addresses, and I'll make sure you'll have your prices as soon as possible :)

 I hope I'll make it until Tuesday .. because then I'm going for 1 weeks "girls trip" to the beautifuul island,SKIAHTOS!♥
For those of you who do not know where this island is, it's the island where Meril Streep, Pierce Brosnan(OMG..dåner;D), and some other actors, played in the movie Mamma Mia..jiippi!:)
Thank you SINCERELY to all who posted for me and left me nice comments♥
Can't wait until my next Giveaway!!:))

Creative hugs from Ellen

11 kommentarer:

angelique (anlou) sa...

hiya sweetie
thank you so much for the chance hunni
congrats to all the winners
have a great time at your girls trip away sweetie
hugs angelique

Lena Katrine sa...

Wooohoooohiiiiihaaaaa!!!! Er det mulig!!!! *danser og hopper rundt av glede* Akkurat nå føler jeg meg som verdens heldigste - tusen takk snuppelupp!
Regner med at du har adressen min *tjihi*
Spennende å se hvilke stempler jeg får...oi, som jeg gleder meg :) Jeg liker stempler jeg - og hvertfall SPS-stempler :)

Larisa sa...

Congratulations to all the winners!

Linda's Dillerier sa...

Ååååå herlighet, snakk om flaks!! Sender deg en mail pronto for denne gangen rekker jeg det innen fristen :-) Tuuuuusen, tusen takk Ellen.

Mahrian sa...

Congratulations to the winners and to you, dear, for the lovely candy! God bless! :D

Lene sa...

Å gud så glad jeg ble. Tusen takk, Ellen. Fantastisk å vinne denne supre candyen. Klem

Lene sa...

Mail er sendt forresten :)

Helle sa...

Gratulerer til de heldige vinnerne!!
Bakgrunnsfargenfor tekst...
Se når du lager et nytt innlegg.
Til venstre for der det står "Kobling".
Der kan du merke av for bakgrunnsfarge eller ei.
Håper du skjønner min knotete forklaring...
Lykke til!


Frea sa...

Congratulations ladies!! Hugs Frea

CraftyLoops sa...

Well done to the very lucky winners. Lee xx

Beccy sa...

Doing a happy dance here, thank you soo much Ellen.
Hugs Beccy x