søndag 17. juni 2012

Best wishes from Turkie♥

Wishes from Kusadasi!:)
It's quiet in my blog these days, but I enjoy holidays, summer, sun and the sea :) .. And, to get that, we must travel from Norway..so these days I'm in Kusadasi / Turkey :) Nice weather, 35 gr in the air, and 27gr  in the water/ocean, lots of good food and drinks, and wonderful people ♥!
Wish you all a beautiful day, and enjoy life!:)

Hugs, Ellen

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☥ Kaia sa...

Så deilig Ellen......
Kos deg, nyt solen og varmen... Det trenger du...

Klem fra Kaia

uksharon sa...

Hi Ellen
Thanks for getting back to me - looks like you are having a great time in Turkey. I've only been once and I got the dodgy stomach! The places we ate at seemed to warm up parts of the meal that were already prepare along with fresh - or everything tasted of onion including the FRUIT - they didn't seem to use different chopping boards or something! I know lots of people who have been since and all love TURKEY I think things have improved alot since I went.
Kinda wish I was out there enjoying the sun - did manage to get to Effifs (probably wrong spelling) was blown away by the thought of walking in the same steps as Jesus!

Have tried looking for Tattered Angels but can't find the die cuts - any chance you can send me the link?

Nice catching up with you - I love looking at your creatations they are amazing - PION products look fabulous and how lucky to be able to work with them on their team.

Best wishes, lots of love as ever, Sharon